ride or die


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ride or die on my dick

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by Anonymous 3 months ago

DAMN! Its Jessy! Her adultlove profile: adultlove.me/jessyyean

by being noisy 2 years ago

did Corey go to Jordan High in LB graduate in mid 80's? Stay on the north an daddy is a pastor...

by symtab's 2 years ago

Hood wit it!!! ES

by Hoodwitit 2 years ago

Copyright material at 211 e. mountain view ave, stolen video please, investigate help...

by i got the hookup 2 years ago

I know Corey a wanna be thug pimping this hoe from Compton, he been fucking since the 7th grade...his plug is Andre and Professor Avery, for the morf shit, I guess this shit legal.. I been watching them for over 10years, this shit better than a major record deal and a couple birds, bottom line you watching bullshit!!! but if you want the plug let me know...

by bullshit (FF2M) Beverly Hills, Ca 2 years ago

Copyright material please remove,,,you guys are Hood, you guys accept anything....who collecting the checks? already made police report...

by being noisy heard about that cat Corey from Dallas... 2 years ago

I heard this morf shit is better than the Dope game...they been digitizing these video since 1999 I thought the Feds would be hip by now, unless they in on it, either way time to get paid, the Hood looking for something new to make ends meet...

by Mountain-view Trust , 211 NLB, CA it's going down! 2 years ago

Are you guys fur real you cant see this bullshit, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles see right through this, it's OK cause I flaged the FEDS POLICE and INTERNET CRIME STOPPER, cause NLB is on the map thanks to Corey Greg Carter and (FF2M) I believe he own the site...

by Anonymous 2 years ago

she knows how to ride a dick!