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by jacob9 11 months ago

ain't no 13 year out here suckin dick like that lmao foh

by Real Nigga 2 years ago

how the fuck she 13 with tats on her neck? dumbass niggas lmao

by Anonymous 2 years ago

Lil Bish Already Got Cum Stains On her Pants And Shirt.... Safe To Assume That Isn't Her 1st Dick Of The Day!!

by 2257 they don't screen videos here HOOD Shit!!! 2 years ago

211E. Mountain View long beach drugs and minor Wow some guys just a piece of shit, I heard about that corey carter he chill in Dallas near the stadium, and the North Side of LB... that his girl daughter that's fucked up and his daddy is a pastor, Sad!!!! I guess the Devil have his worker to...

by Underage prove she not!!!! 2 years ago

This girl is underage and her name is Taliah and only 13years old, how do you get help if you flag everyday and nothing happens, Corey is the rapist!!!! her dad is in jail cause this bullshit!!! Hoodamateurs, don't give a Fuck!!! this shit about to get real HOOD!!!